In to Asia

Modern humans arose only once, in Africa, about 200,000 years ago. They then spread across Eurasia some time after 60,000 years ago, replacing whatever indigenous populations they met with no interbreeding. This is the ‘Out of Africa’ model, as it’s commonly known. In the 1990s, the hypothesis found widespread acceptance by palaeoanthropologists, especially when the […]

French government’s new AI strategy gets a boost from DeepMind, Samsung, and Fujitsu

The outlined proposals got a lift from a series of related corporate announcements, including plans by Google’s DeepMind and Samsung for new Paris labs andFujitsu’s expansion of its existing Paris research center. The news follows announcements from Google and Facebookearlier this year of increased investments in their Paris-based AI labs. Source: venturebeat

Jensen Huang on the Uber Tragedy and Why Nvidia Suspended Testing

Autonomous cars need a lot more miles under their wheels than that, he indicated, to gain enough experience under variety of conditions so that their designers can fine tune—and then prove—their safety. The answer, Huang said, is doing the bulk of the testing in virtual reality. Source: ieee

Introducing TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning in JavaScript

We’re excited to introduce TensorFlow.js, an open-source library you can use to define, train, and run machine learning models entirely in the browser, using Javascript and a high-level layers API. If you’re a Javascript developer who’s new to ML, TensorFlow.js is a great way to begin learning. Or, if you’re a ML developer who’s new […]

Will the world ever be ready for solar geoengineering?

The first time Frank Keutsch heard about solar geoengineering, he thought the idea was terrifying. To the Harvard University atmospheric chemist, schemes such as spraying millions of tons of sulfate particles into the sky to reflect the sun’s rays and cool the planet seemed perilous. Not only might the strategies disrupt the atmosphere in unexpected […]

Nicotinomide riboside effects on aging similar to caloric restriction

Scientists have long known that restricting calories can fend off physiological signs of aging, with studies in fruit flies, roundworms, rodents and even people showing that chronically slashing intake by about a third can reap myriad health benefits and, in some cases, extend lifespan. Source: colorado

Lidar system images bullet in flight

Lidar imaging has been around for almost as long as the technology it’s based on, the laser. But unlike its more famous cousin, radar, it was mostly used for research purposes. The reason scientists know so much about the density of aerosols in the upper atmosphere is largely due to the practice of shooting powerful […]

A Struggling Town Is Reviving Itself With… Geocaching

Unfamiliar passers-by may think it’s a joke. But to locals, this landmark goes by the name “Fork and Beans.” It has a logbook hidden inside its frame and it’s one of the more than 500 geocaches scattered around Wilberforce—the “Geocaching Capital of Canada,” as the town calls itself, and home of one of the most […]