Crossplane v0.3 – accelerating support for more clouds and managed services

New developer guide, CLI tooling and enhanced out-of-tree Infra Stacks (GCP, AWS, Azure) enables the community to add support for more cloud providers, managed Kubernetes offerings, and fully-managed cloud services that can be hosted in your cloud of choice. The momentum keeps rolling forward with Crossplane community engagement around extending Crossplane to add support for […]

A standard way of managing configurations for multiple environments (and clouds)

This article intended to share ideas and solutions to address some challenges related to Configuration Management, especially in the cloud environment. Hope you find this read helpful. The approach described in this article was conceptualized a few years back, then implemented and used across many, many projects to build configuration management components for production-grade systems […]

Uber Became Big By Ignoring Laws (and it Plans to Keep Doing That)

Uber’s ascent to the largest rideshare company in the world was fueled by a recurring cycle in which it blatantly ignored state and local laws, became entrenched and widely used in a community, and then tried to use its largesse to change the laws it was breaking. Failing that, the company simply paid slap-on-the-wrist fines […]

This $30 Device Turns the Cold of Outer Space Into Renewable Energy

The sun can be a powerful source of renewable energy, but so can the night sky. Now, a team of scientists have created a device that turns the cold of space into enough electricity to power an LED light. As described in a paper published on Thursday in the journal Joule, the device is based […]

Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks

A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is a class of deep, feed-forward artificial neural networks most commonly applied to analyzing visual imagery. The architecture of these networks was loosely inspired by biological neurons that communicate with each other and generate outputs dependent on the inputs. Though work on CNNs started in the early 1980s, they only […]

Three Approaches to Scaling Machine Learning with Uber Seattle Engineering

Uber’s services require real-world coordination between a wide range of customers, including driver-partners, riders, restaurants, and eaters. Accurately forecasting things like rider demand and ETAs enables this coordination, which makes our services work as seamlessly as possible. In an effort to constantly optimize our operations, serve our customers, and train our systems to perform better […]

Reimagining Experimentation Analysis at Netflix

Another day, another custom script to analyze an A/B test. Maybe you’ve done this before and have an old script lying around. If it’s new, it’s probably going to take some time to set up, right? Not at Netflix. Suppose you’re running a new video encoding test and theorize that the two new encodes should […]

Introducing LCA: Loss Change Allocation for Neural Network Training

Neural networks (NNs) have become prolific over the last decade and now power machine learning across the industry. At Uber, we use NNs for a variety of purposes, including detecting and predicting object motion for self-driving vehicles, responding more quickly to customers, and building better maps. While many NNs perform quite well at their tasks, […]

Replay in biological and artificial neural networks

Our waking and sleeping lives are punctuated by fragments of recalled memories: a sudden connection in the shower between seemingly disparate thoughts, or an ill-fated choice decades ago that haunts us as we struggle to fall asleep. By measuring memory retrieval directly in the brain, neuroscientists have noticed something remarkable: spontaneous recollections, measured directly in […]