Deutsche Bӧrse Group chooses Google Cloud for future growth

Deutsche Bӧrse Group, an international exchange organisation and innovative market infrastructure provider, has a history of being an early adopter of new technologies that drive its industry forward. Over the last three years, the company has been leading a new charge–the adoption of cloud computing–both inside the company and across the industry. Deutsche Bӧrse is now partnering with Google Cloud to digitize their own business, as well as increase the usage and acceptance of cloud technology across the financial services industry. As a critical infrastructure provider that drives global markets, Deutsche Bӧrse has a tough balance to strike. On one hand, it needs to keep innovating and expanding its own portfolio of offerings for the clients that depend on their services. However, that innovation can’t come at the expense of the high level of security and reliability which Deutsche Bӧrse and global financial markets demand, while taking regulatory requirements into account. This is a balance the company takes seriously and has executed well on over the years.

Source: google

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