Using natural language processing to manage healthcare records

The next time you see your physician, consider the times you fill in a paper form. It may seem trivial, but the information could be crucial to making a better diagnosis. Now consider the other forms of healthcare data that permeate your life—and that of your doctor, nurses, and the clinicians working to keep patients […]

How to run evolution strategies on Google Kubernetes Engine

Reinforcement learning (RL) has become popular in the machine learning community as more and more people have seen its amazing performance in games, chess and robotics. In previous blog posts we’ve shown you how to run RL algorithms on AI Platform utilizing both Google’s powerful computing infrastructure and intelligently managed training service such as Bayesian […]

AQR’s Problem With Machine Learning: Cats Morph Into Dogs

Machine learning has done magic, such as beating human chess champions. But in finance, expectations for the technology may need to come down a notch or two, according to quantitative firm AQR. Machine learning changes the way problems are solved. Traditional computer programmers define all of the rules or parameters of a game. Machine-learning applications, […]

How AI is Starting to Influence Wireless Communications

Machine learning and deep learning technologies are promising an end-to-end optimization of wireless networks while they commoditize PHY and signal-processing designs and help overcome RF complexities What happens when artificial intelligence (AI) technology arrives on wireless channels? For a start, AI promises to address the design complexity of radio frequency (RF) systems by employing powerful […]

Releasing Pythia for vision and language multimodal AI models

Pythia is a deep learning framework that supports multitasking in the vision and language domain. Built on our open-source PyTorch framework, the modular, plug-and-play design enables researchers to quickly build, reproduce, and benchmark AI models. Pythia is designed for vision and language tasks, such as answering questions related to visual data and automatically generating image […]

Detecting malaria with deep learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and open source tools, technologies, and frameworks are a powerful combination for improving society. ‘Health is wealth’ is perhaps a cliche, yet it’s very accurate! In this article, we will examine how AI can be leveraged for detecting the deadly disease malaria with a low-cost, effective, and accurate open source deep learning […]

An ML showdown in search of the best tool

Ever burgeoning digital data combined with impressive research has lead to a rising interest in Machine Learning or ML, which has further powered a vibrant ecosystem of technologies, frameworks, and libraries in the space. Scikit-learn sees high adoption from the tech community. The most probable reason is a powerful Python interface that allows tweaking of […]

Creating Bitcoin trading bots that don’t lose money

In this article we are going to create deep reinforcement learning agents that learn to make money trading Bitcoin. In this tutorial we will be using OpenAI’s gym and the PPO agent from the stable-baselines library, a fork of OpenAI’s baselines library. If you are not already familiar with how to create a gym environment […]