Meet the Bots That Review and Write Snippets of Facebook’s Code

Sapienz and SapFix are automated tools that Facebook now uses to find and fix problems across all of the company’s apps Facebook’s Getafix tool serves up templates for how to fix common coding errors to its SapFix system, which then recommends solutions to developers. A null pointer exception is like having the address to a […]

Automating Datacenter Operations at Dropbox

Switch provisioning at Dropbox is handled by a Pirlo component called the TOR Starter. The TOR Starter is responsible for validating and configuring switches in our datacenter server racks, PoP server racks, and at the different layers of our datacenter fabric that connect racks in the same facility together. Writing the TOR Starter on top […]

Multi-Cloud Is a Trap

It comes up in a lot of conversations with clients. We want to be cloud-agnostic. We need to avoid vendor lock-in. We want to be able to shift workloads seamlessly between cloud providers. Let me say it again: multi-cloud is a trap. Outside of appeasing a few major retailers who might not be too keen […]

Scottish island experiment could make Scotland world automation leader

According to Glasgow Provan MSP Ivan McKee, Scotland could become a leader in automation by mounting a full-scale island experiment to test the technologies of the future. The Scottish Government should make a “moon shot statement”, he told the Sunday Herald, and pledge to transform one of its communities with tech advances like self-driving cars […]

Scaling Image Validation Across Multiple Platforms

To achieve this goal at scale, we validate the SDK across a wide range of devices with a heavy reliance on test automation. More specifically, we leverage automated image comparison techniques to verify rendering correctness. Rendering in this context refers to the state of the device frame buffer after widgets, images, and text have been […]