SpaceX Starlink speeds revealed as beta users get downloads of 11 to 60Mbps

The same tests, conducted over the past two weeks, showed latencies or ping rates ranging from 31ms to 94ms. This isn’t a comprehensive study of Starlink speeds and latency, so it’s not clear whether this is what Internet users should expect once Starlink satellites are fully deployed and the service reaches commercial availability. We asked […]

Stripe Issuing is now open to all US businesses

Stripe Issuing is an API that allows you to create and control virtual and physical cards. Today, we’re opening access to all businesses in the US, so you can sign up and start creating cards instantly. Now, any US business can instantly launch a commercial card program, right from their Dashboard, at no cost to […]

Uber Became Big By Ignoring Laws (and it Plans to Keep Doing That)

Uber’s ascent to the largest rideshare company in the world was fueled by a recurring cycle in which it blatantly ignored state and local laws, became entrenched and widely used in a community, and then tried to use its largesse to change the laws it was breaking. Failing that, the company simply paid slap-on-the-wrist fines […]

New ways to make vertical farming stack up

Mr Elder is product manager for Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), a “vertical farming” company based at Invergowrie, near Dundee, in Scotland. Each of the nine-metre-high towers in the demonstration unit that he runs occupies barely 40 square metres. But by stacking the trays one on top of another an individual tower provides up to 350 […]

How China Is Cashing in on Group Chats

One sunny afternoon this April, a Chinese teenager nicknamed Gallen was backpacking through Bali, hunting for things to do. But he didn’t turn to TripAdvisor for crowd-sourced suggestions (too time consuming) or scroll through Instagram for local geotags (too imprecise). Instead, Gallen enlisted recommendations from other nearby tourists through a WeChat group chat organized by […]

Insiders say an ambitious MIT Media Lab project is mostly smoke and mirrors

An ambitious project that purported to turn anyone into a farmer with a single tool is scraping by with smoke-and-mirror tactics, employees told Business Insider.The ‘personal food computer,’ a device that MIT Media Lab senior researcher Caleb Harper presented as helping thousands of people across the globe grow custom, local food, simply doesn’t work, according […]

Building Lyft’s Marketing Automation Platform

We take pride in our mission to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. More than 50 million carbon neutral Lyft rides happen every month across the US and Canada—and we’ve barely scratched the surface in the potential for rideshare. Part of our growth is improvements in our acquisition process—like launching region-specific ad campaigns […]

Facebook has found a place to park its $40bn+ cash reserves

There is no concept of a block of transactions in the ledger history—Libra’s technical paper. But who cares whether it’s technically a blockchain or not, as long as it’s permissioned it might as well be a MySQL database that’s updated with a voting system written in PHP for all i care. Don’t get me wrong, […]

AQR’s Problem With Machine Learning: Cats Morph Into Dogs

Machine learning has done magic, such as beating human chess champions. But in finance, expectations for the technology may need to come down a notch or two, according to quantitative firm AQR. Machine learning changes the way problems are solved. Traditional computer programmers define all of the rules or parameters of a game. Machine-learning applications, […]

Uber’s Path of Destruction

Since it began operations in 2010, Uber has grown to the point where it now collects over $45 billion in gross passenger revenue, and it has seized a major share of the urban car service market. But the widespread belief that it is a highly innovative and successful company has no basis in economic reality. […]