The Right Way to Get Your First 1,000 Customers

Thales Teixeira, associate professor at Harvard Business School, believes many startups fail precisely because they try to emulate successful disruptive businesses. He says by focusing too early on technology and scale, entrepreneurs lose out on the learning that comes from serving initial customers with an imperfect product. He shares how Airbnb, Uber, Etsy, and Netflix […]

Introducing AresDB: Uber’s GPU-Powered Open Source, Real-time Analytics Engine

At Uber, real-time analytics allow us to attain business insights and operational efficiency, enabling us to make data-driven decisions to improve experiences on the Uber platform. For example, our operations team relies on data to monitor the market health and spot potential issues on our platform; software powered by machine learning models leverages data to […]

The math’s not pretty on digital advertising’s future revenues?

How much is Google worth? Today, its market cap—the total value of the company—was just over $690 billion. It is the largest media corporation in the world, earning $79 billion on media revenue out of a total of $90 billion in overall revenue. Eight seven percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. All the cool […]

Scaling Cash Payments in Uber Eats

This article is the fourth in a series covering how Uber’s mobile engineering team developed the newest version of our driver app, codenamed Carbon, a core component of our ridesharing business. Among other new features, the app lets our population of over three million driver-partners find fares, get directions, and track their earnings. We began […]

There Were 1 Billion Monarch Butterflies. Now There Are 93 Million.

There Were 1 Billion Monarch Butterflies. Now There Are 93 Million. Without pollinators, there is no agriculture—and without that, there is no food. The CPPC is serious business. Between the destruction of monarch habitats through pesticides, most notably milkweed, and the ongoing mystery of colony collapse among the bees, American agriculture is endangered. At Tuesday […]

The Fed stalls the creation of a bank with a novel business model

The Narrow Bank would take deposits but not make loans. TEN years on from the financial crisis, the structure of American banking has not changed. At its core are government-guaranteed, and therefore cheap, deposits that banks put to work, primarily through lending. Deposits have become more important for bank funding in recent years; governments have […]

eBay Moves Away From OpenStack, Embraces Kubernetes and Docker

As part of an initiative to completely revamp its data center infrastructure, eBay is “re-platforming, using Kubernetes and Docker and moving away from OpenStack,” according to a message to SDxCentral from Mazen Rawashdeh, VP of platform engineering at eBay. In May 2017 at the OpenStack Summit in Boston, an eBay executive said that 95 percent […]

Multi-Cloud Is a Trap

It comes up in a lot of conversations with clients. We want to be cloud-agnostic. We need to avoid vendor lock-in. We want to be able to shift workloads seamlessly between cloud providers. Let me say it again: multi-cloud is a trap. Outside of appeasing a few major retailers who might not be too keen […]

SpaceX reveals mystery moon passenger, and he’s a billionaire

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been talking up its plans to shoot tourists around the moon since early 2017. It’s finally starting to feel a little more real as Musk announced the company’s first paying passenger on Monday. The deep-pocketed space explorer is Yusaku Maezawa, a 42-year-old Japanese billionaire and founder of online fashion mall Zozotown. […]