China Is Building a Fleet of Autonomous AI

A fleet of autonomous, AI-powered submarines is headed into hotly-contested Asian waterways. The vehicles will belong to the Chinese armed forces, and their mission capabilities are likely to raise concerned eyebrows in surrounding countries. If all goes to plan, the first submarines will launch in 2020. The onboard AI systems will be tasked with making […]

China’s Silicon Valley Faces Meltdown Fears

Shenzhen is a long way from Silicon Valley. Tech companies are housed in gleaming skyscrapers rather than on rolling campuses; there is scarcely a hoodie to be seen and the Communist Party influence is never far away. Just across the border from Hong Kong and lying in the Pearl River Delta, this metropolis of some […]

China Is Going to Be the First Country to Land on the Dark Side of the Moon

On Sunday night the China National Space Administration launched a communications satellite on a Long March rocket on a 280,000 mile journey to orbit the moon. The lunar orbiter is the initial step in realizing China’s ambition to be the first country to place a lander on the far side of the moon. As the […]

China has launched a communications satellite to the Moon

China’s space agency has taken a critical first step toward an unprecedented robotic landing on the far side of the Moon. On Monday, local time, theChina Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation launched aLong March 4C rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Although it did not broadcast the launch, the Chinese space agency said it […]

Fast fashion: for an e-commerce model in China, 150 outfits in 13 hours is a day’s work

Cui Yue, known professionally as Pin’er, models clothes for online retailers selling their goods on the Chinese e-commerce behemoth Taobao. Because Taobao models are valued for their ability to drive sales, with the website tracking each product, the approach to modelling favours volume and efficiency. Donning between 100 and 200 outfits a day (and more […]

Debtors in China Shamed on Highway Billboard Featuring Their Faces and Names

The Hefei Railway Transport Court, responsible for handling transport-related legal disputes, went a step further on the May 1 holiday, with broadcasts at 15 railway stations provincewide of debtors’ names and information – the first such use of screens at stations across an entire province. Source: scmp

White House Considers Restricting Chinese Researchers Over Espionage Fears

The White House is discussing whether to limit the access of Chinese citizens to the United States, including restricting certain types of visas available to them and greatly expanding rules pertaining to Chinese researchers who work on projects with military or intelligence value at American companies and universities. The exact types of projects that would […]

China is monitoring employees’ brain waves and emotions

Chinese businesses and the military are monitoring employees’ brain activity and emotions. The ’emotional surveillance technology’ helps employers identify mood shifts so they can change break times, an employee’s task, or even send them home. The technology reportedly increases productivity and profitability, with one company claiming its profits jumped by $315 million. Emotional surveillance adds […]

China’s Strategic Ambiguity and Shifting Approach to Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

On April 13, China’s delegation to United Nations Group of Governmental Experts on lethal autonomous weapons systems announced the “desire to negotiate and conclude” a new protocol for the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons “to ban the use of fully autonomous lethal weapons systems.” According to the aptly named Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, the […]