PostgreSQL across clouds and on-premises

PostgreSQL is a very popular open source relational database. It’s been in active development for over 30 years and has achieved a very high level of reliability and performance, as well as a very robust feature set. If your applications make use of PostgreSQL, you’ll now be able to use Crossplane to deploy both your […]

Crossplane lowers the barrier to a multi-cloud future

Cloud computing has become the dominant IT paradigm and multi-cloud looks poised to be the primary approach, with 81 percent of enterprises already adopting a multi-cloud strategy. A multi-cloud strategy prevents vendor lock-in, which is increasingly important as three major providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure) dominate the market. Despite the many benefits of a multi-cloud […]

Embracing failures and cutting infrastructure costs: Spot instances in Kubernetes

Spot Instances are unused servers that are available for less than the regular price. Therefore, you can significantly save on your infrastructure costs. It does come with a price, though. Your cloud provider can take away your spot instance at any time, and give to another client who has requested it at a standard cost. […]

Multi-Cloud Is a Trap

It comes up in a lot of conversations with clients. We want to be cloud-agnostic. We need to avoid vendor lock-in. We want to be able to shift workloads seamlessly between cloud providers. Let me say it again: multi-cloud is a trap. Outside of appeasing a few major retailers who might not be too keen […]

Gardener: Manage Kubernetes clusters across multiple cloud providers

Many Open Source tools exist which help in creating and updating single Kubernetes clusters. However, the more clusters you need the harder it becomes to operate, monitor, manage and keep all of them alive and up-to-date. And that is exactly what project Gardener focuses on. Source: gardener

Introducing CloudEvents 0.1 – An open effort by Google, Microsoft, IBM and more

What’s most frustrating is event-driven design and serverless technologies enable developers to reach unprecedented levels of productivity, yet our tooling isn’t designed to help us manage this new level of output. We can each provision a thousand AWS Lambda functions right now, which will scale massively and cost nothing until they’re executed. This is incredible […]

Why and how GitLab abandoned Microsoft Azure for Google Cloud

GitLab chose to move because it’s adopting Kubernetes, an open source project initially released by Google that’s designed to help companies manage applications composed of multiple software containers. It’s a move CEO Sid Sijbrandij said the company’s engineers welcomed with open arms. In his view, Google offers superior performance at a better price than other […]

Alibaba cloud climbs to top 5

Last week Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba announced its Q3 earnings. Cloud revenue was $553 million, an impressive 104 percent year-over-year increase. That comes out to a run rate in the range of $2.2 billion, well behind Google which announced it is pulling in a billion dollars a quarter and still buried behind the market leaders […]