Radiology and Deep Learning

Radiology and DeepLearningDetecting pneumonia opacities from chest X-Ray images using deep learning.One day back in August, I was catching up with my best friend from high school who is now a radiology resident. One thing led to another, and we started talking about our interests in artificial intelligence and machine learning and its possible applications […]

Google: Deep Learning for Electronic Health Records

When patients get admitted to a hospital, they have many questions about what will happen next. When will I be able to go home? Will I get better? Will I have to come back to the hospital? Having precise answers to those questions helps doctors and nurses make care better, safer, and faster — if […]

Solving visual analogy puzzles with Deep Learning

Bongard problmes are named after their inventor, Soviet computer scientist Mikhail Bongard, who was working on pattern recognition in the 1960s. He designed 100 of this puzzles, to be a good benchmark for pattern recognition abilities, and they seem to be challenging for both people and algorithms. Here is an example: Source: github