Ion drive meets drone, as small plane flies with no moving parts

The Johnson Indoor Track at MIT probably won’t go down in history in the same way as Kitty Hawk has, but it was the scene of a first in powered flight. A team of researchers has managed to build the first aircraft powered by an ionic wind, a propulsion system that requires no moving parts. […]

The Titan underwater drone promises to go deeper than its rivals

Think that all drones are destined to be in the sky? Titan is a new underwater drone which can dive to depths of up to 150 meters below the waves. It can document this stunning deep underwater world courtesy of a 4K camera, while maneuvering about with six thrusters. Here’s how you can get one. […]

Drone Delivery Becomes a Reality in Remote Pacific Islands

Currently, health workers in Vanuatu often hike over mountains to deliver vaccines–but drones can fly over them. This September, delivery drones will begin to fly the friendly skies of Vanuatu. And this isn’t a one-shot demonstration, like many of the stunts we’ve seen from the likes of Amazon and Google. This is an attempt to […]

The World’s Fastest Commercial Drone Will Drop Blood on the US This Year

The company was founded on the idea that it could save lives by using drones to drastically reduce the delivery time for blood, plasma, and other critical supplies to medical clinics in rural areas. Since it started its pilot program in Rwanda in 2016, Zipline’s drones have flown more than 185,000 miles and now account […]

The autonomous “selfie drone”

Skydio, founded by three MIT alumni, is commercializing an autonomous video-capturing camera drone, called R1 and dubbed the “selfie drone,” that tracks and films a subject, while freely navigating any environment. Source: mit

Drone crashes in Arizona National Forest, starts a wildfire

Drone use and wilderness areas have been in conflict in recent years. Drones have grounded fire-fighting planes and helicopters, which usually fly low to the forest. Having a drone come in contact with propellers could endanger a firefighter’s life. Lawmakers have pushed to criminalize flying drones in wildfire areas because grounded aircraft can cost cash-strapped […]

First test of drone air traffic control to happen in Switzerland this year

Starting in June, Swiss air traffic control operator Skyguide will begin merging its own data and traffic management applications with a software platform developed by Santa Monica, CA-based AirMap Inc. The software is called AirMap which, as the name implies, is a digital airspace-mapping platform. Source: arstechnica

How Do Drone Light Shows Work?

MRS is a new initiative of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Multi-Robot Systems, and it’s intended to bring together researchers who are in the field of multi-robot systems (MRS) and multi-agent systems (MAS). “Typically MRS/MAS research is spread across large conferences, so the intent of this more focused conference is to bring those researchers […]