Deutsche Bӧrse Group chooses Google Cloud for future growth

Deutsche Bӧrse Group, an international exchange organisation and innovative market infrastructure provider, has a history of being an early adopter of new technologies that drive its industry forward. Over the last three years, the company has been leading a new charge–the adoption of cloud computing–both inside the company and across the industry. Deutsche Bӧrse is […]

GCP outage postmortem

On Sunday 2 June, 2019, Google Cloud projects running services in multiple US regions experienced elevated packet loss as a result of network congestion for a duration of between 3 hours 19 minutes, and 4 hours 25 minutes. The duration and degree of packet loss varied considerably from region to region and is explained in […]

AWS Outperforms GCP in the 2018 Cloud Report

Customers rely on us to help navigate the complexities of the increasingly competitive cloud wars. This inspired the 2018 Cloud Computing Report, where we benchmark performance, latency, CPU, network, I/O, and cost of AWS and GCP. Note: As of December 20, 2018, we have updated two sections in this report: Network Throughput and I/O Experiment. […]

Crossplane lowers the barrier to a multi-cloud future

Cloud computing has become the dominant IT paradigm and multi-cloud looks poised to be the primary approach, with 81 percent of enterprises already adopting a multi-cloud strategy. A multi-cloud strategy prevents vendor lock-in, which is increasingly important as three major providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure) dominate the market. Despite the many benefits of a multi-cloud […]