Troubleshooting with Kiali

Recently I came across this excellent post from Cindy Sridharan, which throws a bunch of good ideas about how to improve the troubleshooting experience with microservices. I think that Kiali already has a good approach in that regard, which doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Kiali is meant to be the Istio console. This […]

Secure your service mesh with Istio and keep an eye on it with Kiali

It is important to fine-tune the set of services that a workload has access to. It is a good practice to give the least privilege. In that sense, we should grant permissions to each workload to communicate with exactly the services it needs to access. This could also help reducing the attack surface in case […]

Visualizing Istio external traffic with Kiali

Suppose that you have an application using several third party services to store files, send messages, write tweets, etc. It is useful to know how much traffic is going off your mesh to these services, for example, you might want to know how many requests are directed to twitter or how much data is being […]

Jaeger integration in Kiali

Kiali has the ability to show traces obtained from Istio. Jaeger collects traces for monitoring and troubleshooting microservices-based distributed systems, and both Istio and Kiali use the data that Jaeger provides. Originally this was done via a separate tab in the UI. But that turned out to be impractical. So the Kiali team has been […]