How to run OpenWhisk Actions on Knative?

It’s now time to show case what it takes to run an existing OpenWhisk action on Knative. Matt Rutkowski and I are very excited to share our process of building and serving OpenWhisk actions on Knative here. We started prototyping OpenWhisk NodeJS Runtime with a hello world action. Later, extended the runtime to handle more […]

Init Container Build Pattern: Knative build with plain old Kubernetes deployment

Solve common Kubernetes deployment issues using the Init Container build pattern and Knative build, which can be applied to any Kubernetes deployment. With Kubernetes evolving at supersonic speed and seeing a lot of adoption in the enterprise world, the developer community is now looking for solutions to common Kubernetes problems, such as patterns. In this […]

Knative and Gloo

Knative is talked about a great deal, especially around how its capabilities can help provide more standard building blocks on top of Kubernetes for building microservices and serverless like services, e.g., scale to zero, and scale on demand. Knative high level has three capability areas: building, serving, and eventing. This post will provide some examples […]

Knative: bringing serverless to Kubernetes everywhere

Knative, the open-source framework that provides serverless building blocks for Kubernetes, is on a roll, and GKE serverless add-on, the first commercial Knative offering that we announced this summer, is enjoying strong uptake with our customers. Today, we are announcing that we’ve updated GKE serverless add-on to support Knative 0.2. In addition, today at KubeCon, […]