Operating Apache Kafka Clusters 24/7 Without A Global Ops Team

Earlier this year, the Streaming PubSub team at Lyft got multiple Apache Kafka clusters ready to take on load that required 24/7 support. The team’s operational burden for Kafka quickly started heading towards burn-out territory. On-call rotations started getting miserable because we’d get woken up at night due to failing hosts. Business requirements kept coming […]

Making long-term forecasts at Lyft

At Lyft, like many other companies, we need to make accurate short and long-term forecasts. Some of the metrics that we need to accurately predict are number of driver hours provided by drivers in different regions — i.e our supply side of the business — and also number of rides taken by riders in different […]

MIT study shows how much driving for Uber or Lyft sucks

Ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft are delivering pitiful levels of take-home pay to the hundreds of thousands of US independent contractors providing their own vehicles and driving skills to deliver the core service, according to an MIT CEEPR study examining the economics of the two app platforms. Source: techcrunch

Captain Obvious Finally Arrives: Ride-sharing Actually Causes Congestion

A recurring theme among ride-hailing executives from the likes of Lyft and Uber is that their platforms will help reduce congestion in the world’s most populous cities. However, anyone actually living in these places will tell you it doesn’t appear to be working. Cities like New York were already clogged with taxi cabs but, instead […]