Humanizing Customer Complaints using NLP Algorithms

Last Christmas, I went through the most frustrating experience as a consumer. I was doing some last minute holiday shopping and after standing in a long line, I finally reached the blessed register only to find out that my debit card was blocked. I could sense the old lady at the register judging me with […]

Intel AI Lab open-sources library for deep learning-driven NLP

The Intel AI Lab has open-sourced a library for natural language processing to help researchers and developers give conversational agents like chatbots and virtual assistants the smarts necessary to function, such as name entity recognition, intent extraction, and semantic parsing to identify the action a person wants to take from their words. The first-ever conference […]

Introducing state of the art text classification with universal language models

This post is a lay-person’s introduction to our new paper, which shows how to classify documents automatically with both higher accuracy and less data requirements than previous approaches. We’ll explain in simple terms: natural language processing; text classification; transfer learning; language modeling; and how our approach brings these ideas together. If you’re already familar with […]

Machine Learning for Text Classification Using SpaCy in Python

spaCy is a popular and easy-to-use natural language processing library in Python. It provides current state-of-the-art accuracy and speed levels, and has an active open source community. However, since SpaCy is a relative new NLP library, and it’s not as widely adopted as NLTK. Source: towardsdatascience

AlterEgo: Interfacing with devices through silent speech

AlterEgo is a closed-loop, non-invasive, wearable system that allows humans to converse in high-bandwidth natural language with machines, artificial intelligence assistants, services, and other people without any voice—without opening their mouth, and without any discernible movements—simply by vocalizing internally. Source: mit

Baidu shows off its instant pocket translator

The Chinese Internet giant has made significant strides improving machine language translation since 2015, using an advanced form of artificial intelligence known as deep learning, said Hua Wu, the company’s chief scientist focused on natural-language processing. On stage, the Internet-connected device was able to almost instantly translate a short conversation between Wu and senior editor […]

Sequence Tagging with Tensorflow

I remember the first time I heard about the magic of Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP). I was just starting a project with a young French startup Riminder and it was the first time I heard about word embeddings. There are moments in life when the confrontation with a new theory seems to […]

Building a Next Word Predictor in Tensorflow

Next Word Prediction or what is also called Language Modeling is the task of predicting what word comes next. It is one of the fundamental tasks of NLP and has many applications. You might be using it daily when you write texts or emails without realizing it. Source: towardsdatascience