Easy-To-Read Summary of Important AI Research Papers of 2018

Trying to keep up with AI research papers can feel like an exercise in futility given how quickly the industry moves. If you’re buried in papers to read that you haven’t quite gotten around to, you’re in luck. To help you catch up, we’ve summarized 10 important AI research papers from 2018 to give you […]

Researchers Identify Molecule With Anti-Aging Effects On Vascular System

A molecule produced during fasting or calorie restriction has anti-aging effects on the vascular system, which could reduce the occurrence and severity of human diseases related to blood vessels, such as cardiovascular disease, according to a study led by Georgia State University. In this study, the research team explores the link between calorie restriction (eating […]

The Quest for the Next Billion-Dollar Color

Mas Subramanian, the biggest celebrity in the uncelebrated world of pigment research, glances at a cluster of widemouthed jars containing powders in every color of the rainbow, save one. He’s got OYGBIV. “We’re getting closer,” he says brightly. He points to a jar of reddish brown dust, smoky and rich as paprika. Fetching, but it […]

Why Nuclear Clocks Will Be the Most Accurate Clocks on Earth

Since they were first created in the mid-twentieth century, atomic clocks have been the gold standard of timekeeping. Indeed, the most accurate clock in the world, which is run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Colorado, is a ytterbium atomic clock. But now researchers around the world are working on building a […]

Vision-improving nanoparticle eyedrops could end the need for glasses

Could the development of eyesight-improving eyedrops help eliminate the need for glasses? Quite possibly, suggests new research coming out of Israel’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Bar-Ilan University. A team of ophthalmologists at these institutes have invented and tested “nanodrops” which, combined with a laser process, reportedly results in improvements in both short- and long-sightedness. […]

Automatic Machine Knitting of 3D Meshes

We present the first computational approach that can transform 3D meshes, created by traditional modeling programs, directly into instructions for a computer-controlled knitting machine. Knitting machines are able to robustly and repeatably form knitted 3D surfaces from yarn, but have many constraints on what they can fabricate. Source: github

Nanowire arrays restore vision in blind mice

Retina is an important light-sensitive tissue that transduces light information into neural activities through multi-layers of neuronal cells. Light entering an eye passes through the transparent retina and is mostly captured by the visual pigment-containing photoreceptors. Retinal degenerative diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration lead to irreversible damage or even loss of photoreceptors, […]

The Building Blocks of Interpretability

Interpretability techniques are normally studied in isolation. We explore the powerful interfaces that arise when you combine them — and the rich structure of this combinatorial space. Source: distill

Talent vs. Luck: the role of randomness in success and failure

The largely dominant meritocratic paradigm of highly competitive Western cultures is rooted on the belief that success is due mainly, if not exclusively, to personal qualities such as talent, intelligence, skills, efforts or risk taking. Sometimes, we are willing to admit that a certain degree of luck could also play a role in achieving significant […]