Uber lays off 100 safety drivers as it scales back self-driving tests

Uber is laying off its safety drivers in Pittsburgh and San Francisco—about 100 people in total. It’s the latest sign that Uber is scaling back its testing operations as it tries to move beyond the March crash that killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. Uber’s testing operations have been suspended nationwide since that fatality. It […]

Self-driving cars are headed toward an AI roadblock

If you believe the CEOs, a fully autonomous car could be only months away. In 2015, Elon Musk predicted a fully autonomous Tesla by 2018; so did Google. Delphi and MobileEye’s Level 4 system is currently slated for 2019, the same year Nutonomy plans to deploy thousands of driverless taxis on the streets of Singapore. […]

Kroger will use autonomous vehicles to deliver groceries this fall

Most coverage of autonomous vehicles has focused on cars with human passengers in them. But there’s also a big opportunity to use autonomous vehicles to transform the retail sector. And one promising company in that emerging industry is Nuro, a startup founded by two early members of the Google self-driving car team. Now Nuro is […]

NTSB: Autopilot steered Tesla car toward traffic barrier before deadly crash

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its preliminary report on the March crash that killed driver Walter Huang in Mountain View. The report provides a second-by-second description of the events that preceded Huang’s collision with a concrete lane divider. The report confirms that Autopilot was engaged ahead of the crash, and it appears to […]

Americans Less Trusting of Self-Driving Safety Following High-Profile Accidents

Americans are less trusting of self-driving cars following two deadly accidents involving autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles, with half of U.S. adults considering those automobiles less safe than human drivers, according to a new poll. A Morning Consult survey conducted March 29-April 1 among a national sample of 2,202 adults found that 27 percent of respondents […]

Making driverless cars change lanes more like human drivers do

In the field of self-driving cars, algorithms for controlling lane changes are an important topic of study. But most existing lane-change algorithms have one of two drawbacks: Either they rely on detailed statistical models of the driving environment, which are difficult to assemble and too complex to analyze on the fly; or they’re so simple […]

A Classical Math Problem Gets Pulled into the Modern World

A century ago, the great mathematician David Hilbert posed a probing question in pure mathematics. A recent advance in optimization theory is bringing Hilbert’s work into a world of self-driving cars. A collision-free path can be guaranteed by a sum-of-squares algorithm. Long before robots could run or cars could drive themselves, mathematicians contemplated a simple […]

Apple, VW sign driverless car deal for Apple campus shuttles, NY Times sources say

The New York Timesreported this evening that Apple entered into a partnership with Volkswagen Group to pair a number of electric T6 Transporter vanswith Apple’s proprietary autonomous vehicle software. The vans will reportedly be used to shuttle employees around Apple’s company campus, and it’s not clear whether the deal will extend from there. TheTimes says […]

Germany adopts first ethics standards for autonomous driving systems

Federal transport minister, Alexander Dobrindt, presented a report to Germany’s cabinet seeking to establish guidelines for the future programming of ethical standards into automated driving software. The report, was prepared by an automated driving ethics commission comprised of scientists and legal experts and produced 20 guidelines to be used by the automotive industry when creating […]

Report: Software bug led to death in Uber’s self-driving crash

The fatal crash that killed pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona, in March occurred because of a software bug in Uber’s self-driving car technology, The Information’s Amir Efrati reported on Monday. According to two anonymous sources who talked to Efrati, Uber’s sensors did, in fact, detect Herzberg as she crossed the street with her bicycle. […]