The traits of serverless architecture

Whenever new technologies emerge, the first priority for a technologist is to understand the implication of adopting it. Serverless architecture is a case in point. Unfortunately, much of the current literature around serverless architecture focuses solely on its benefits. Many of the articles —and examples used — are driven by cloud providers —so, unsurprisingly talk […]

Announcing GitLab Serverless

Serverless is the latest innovation in cloud computing that promises to alter the cost-benefit equation for enterprises. As our CEO, Sid Sijbrandij says, ‘All roads lead to compute.’ There is a race among providers to acquire as many workloads from enterprises as possible, at the cheapest cost. The latter is where serverless comes in: serverless […]

Knative: bringing serverless to Kubernetes everywhere

Knative, the open-source framework that provides serverless building blocks for Kubernetes, is on a roll, and GKE serverless add-on, the first commercial Knative offering that we announced this summer, is enjoying strong uptake with our customers. Today, we are announcing that we’ve updated GKE serverless add-on to support Knative 0.2. In addition, today at KubeCon, […]

Istio 1.0 has arrived: All core features are ready for production use

It’s been almost two years since Istio came into being and now the highly-anticipated milestone has been reached: 1.0 is here. All the core features are now ready for production use. Does it have what it takes to become the de facto service mesh for Kubernetes? Let’s find out. It’s not far-fetched to say that […]

Serverless Performance: Cloudflare Workers, Lambda and Lambda@Edge

A few months ago we released a new way for people to run serverless Javascript called Cloudflare Workers. We believe Workers is the fastest way to execute serverless functions, but lets prove it. At the 95th percentile, Workers is 441% faster than a Lambda function, and 192% faster than Lambda@Edge. The functions being tested simply […]

Introducing CloudEvents 0.1 – An open effort by Google, Microsoft, IBM and more

What’s most frustrating is event-driven design and serverless technologies enable developers to reach unprecedented levels of productivity, yet our tooling isn’t designed to help us manage this new level of output. We can each provision a thousand AWS Lambda functions right now, which will scale massively and cost nothing until they’re executed. This is incredible […]

Things I’ve learned using serverless

After the tour-de-force of Serverlessconf in October, I decided my entire company would be going serverless. I spent the first couple of months beating my head against the wall trying to migrate a Python Flask app to Lambda—these efforts helped me find a better way. Source: acloud