Estonia plans to become a free public transport nation

After a successful experiment with free public transport for all citizens in Tallinn, Estonia wants to become the world’s first free public transport nation. Allan Alaküla explains why this is a good idea. Tallinn, known for its digital government and successful tech startups, is often referred to as Europe’s innovation capital. Now celebrating five years […]

Startup Wants to Replace Cars and Subways with Elevated Pods

Self-driving cars might not solve the problem of rush-hour traffic, and in cities with some of the worst commutes now–like L.A., where each driver wasted an average of 102 hours stuck in traffic last year–most commuters still don’t choose to take public transportation. A startup called Transit X argues that we need a different form […]

Electric School Buses Can Be Backup Batteries For the US Power Grid

We often think of electricity as a one-way transaction. Need to toast a bagel, wash the sheets, or charge your phone? Your fuse box sends you the juice you need. Electric vehicles, though, have the capacity to send power back to the electrical grid using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology—and that’s good news for an aging grid […]

Early thoughts on Uber’s flying car from an aviation engineer

Earlier today I was reading about Uber’s newest unveiling of their concept for a flying taxi and I love it. It’s an electrically powered, multi-rotor plane with two rotors for vertical flight and one for horizontal flight. This is reminiscent of the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor, where the propellers transition from vertical flight to horizontal – […]

Rotor sails could reduce cargo ship fuel consumption by 20%

The shipping industry is under pressure to reduce emissions. If rotor ships catch wind on the global shipping market, Norsepower could be entering a market worth some 30 Billion euros. The number is estimated from the 25,000 ships’ 1.2 MEUR install cost. Norsepower remains conservative, and pegs it’s 2024 revenue target at a mere 100 […]

Europe Takes First Steps in Electrifying World’s Shipping Fleets

Norway is already a global leader in the adoption of electric vehicles, spurred in large measure by the hydropower that provides 98 percent of the country’ electricity. So moving into the forefront of tackling a major global environmental challenge — decarbonizing the world’s shipping fleet — was a natural step for the country. Other nations […]

Rethinking GPS: Engineering Next-Gen Location at Uber

Location and navigation using global positioning systems (GPS) is deeply embedded in our daily lives, and is particularly crucial to Uber’s services. To orchestrate quick, efficient pickups, our GPS technologies need to know the locations of matched riders and drivers, as well as provide navigation guidance from a driver’s current location to where the rider […]

Autonomous Boats Will Be On the Market Sooner Than Self-Driving Cars

In the autonomous revolution that is underway, nearly every transportation machine will eventually be self-driving. For cars, it’s likely going to take decades before we see them operating freely, outside of test conditions. Some unmanned watercraft, on the other hand, may be at sea commercially before 2020. Source: vice