Disney unveils a prototype virtual-reality jacket

This special jacket is being developed by researchers at Disney to help take the VR experience to another level at a time when the adoption rate has been slow.Connected to computer software that controls a series of inflatable compartments, the jacket can reproduce a variety of sensations, adding new kinds of perception and depth to […]

A new technology, virtual embodiment, challenges our understanding of who we are

As soon as virtual reality became workable, in the early nineteen-eighties, researchers imagined creating vivid, detailed, hallucinogenic worlds. In the memoir “Dawn of the New Everything,” the V.R. pioneer Jaron Lanier recalls evangelizing the technology by describing a virtual two-hundred-foot-tall amethyst octopus with an opening in its head; inside would be a furry cave with […]

VR still a novelty, but Google light-field technology could make it serious art

To make the device, Debevec and his team modified an existing rig, made up of a circle of 16 connected GoPro cameras, that Google introduced for professional VR content creators in 2015. But instead of building a spherical camera as some others (Facebook among them) have done, they connected the cameras in a vertical arc […]

5G’s secret weapon will be low latency, empowering next-gen VR and gaming

As the 2018 Mobile World Congress wound down this week, next-generation 5G wireless technology was clearly the show’s biggest story, promising dramatically faster data speeds. But 5G’s secret weapon will actually be ultra-low latency, a concept that’s easily understood but hard to market. Verizon, Vodafone, and Huawei have spent the past month demonstrating how low […]

How and why our experiments with virtual reality motion made us ill

This article will describe our experiments, explain how they made us feel sick, and how we tried to reduce nausea and other ill effects. It will also outline our consequent analysis of VR sickness syndrome and conclusions that both the causes and the symptoms of VR sickness are more complex, profound and varied than many […]