Besides our core Kubernetes expertise, we have extensive experience with a broad range of SRE/DevOps technologies as well:

  • Public cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenShift
  • Container orchestration tools: K8s, Docker swarm, Mesos
  • Infrastructure As a Code: Terraform, Packer, CloudFormation, OpsWorks
  • Configuration management tools: Ansible, Salt, Chef, Puppet
  • Containers: Docker, rkt, cri-o, containerd, kata
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows
  • Programming languages: Python, Perl, PHP, JS
  • Frontend/backend/Mobile software development
  • Continuous delivery: Jenkins, GitLab, Codacy
  • Monitoring solutions: Grafana, Prometheus, Splunk
  • SQL Databases: Postgresql, MySQL, Oracle
  • NoSQL databases: Cassandra, Mongo
  • Security: audit, investigation, upgrade
  • Any legacy or custom built environment as well