Capsule Neural Networks Are Here to Finally Recognize Spatial Relationships

Neural Networks may be the hottest field in Machine Learning. In recent years, there were many new developments improving neural networks and building making them more accessible. However, they were mostly incremental, such as adding more layers or slightly improving the activation function, but did not introduce a new type of architecture or topic.  Geoffery Hinton is one of the founding fathers of many highly utilized deep learning algorithms including many developments to Neural Networks — no wonder, for having Neurosciences and Artificial Intelligence background.   At late October 2017, Geoffrey Hinton, Sara Sabour, and Nicholas Frosst Published a research paper under Google Brain named “Dynamic Routing Between Capsules”, introducing a true innovation to Neural Networks. This is exciting, since such development has been long awaited for, will likely spur much more research and progress around it, and is supposed to make neural networks even better than they are now.

Source: towardsdatascience

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