On the 16th of January 2018, three diamond firms approached Punjab National Bank requesting LOUs. (Letter of Understanding is a form of bank guarantee under which its customers can raise money from any other Indian bank’s foreign branch in the form of a short-term credit). Punjab National Bank demanded 100% cash margins (profitability) as a… Read More

The Intel AI Lab has open-sourced a library for natural language processing to help researchers and developers give conversational agents like chatbots and virtual assistants the smarts necessary to function, such as name entity recognition, intent extraction, and semantic parsing to identify the action a person wants to take from their words. The first-ever conference… Read More

Amazon confirmed an Echo owner’s privacy-sensitive allegation on Thursday, after Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO-7 reported that an Echo device in Oregon sent private audio to someone on a user’s contact list without permission. Danielle next asked exactly why the device sent recorded audio to a contact: ‘He said the device guessed what we were saying.’Danielle… Read More

Containerd 1.1 works with Kubernetes 1.10 and above, and supports all Kubernetes features. The test coverage of containerd integration on Google Cloud Platform in Kubernetes test infrastructure is now equivalent to the Docker integration (See: test dashboard). We’re very glad to see containerd rapidly grow to this big milestone. Alibaba Cloud started to use containerd… Read More

Position Map Regression Networks (PRN) is a method to jointly regress dense alignment and 3D face shape in an end-to-end manner. In this article, I’ll provide a short explanation and discuss its applications in computer vision. In the last few decades, a lot of important research groups in computer vision have made amazing advances in… Read More

NASA and SpaceWorks Enterprises are currently developing a stasis chamber (as opposed to individual pods like those in the movie) that could induce an extended state of torpor, or metabolic inactivity medically brought on by lowering body temperature to the point of mild hypothermia, that could allow astronauts to snooze for at least two weeks… Read More

It is of particular importance to gain a more detailed picture of how the brains of males and females differ, because several psychiatric disorders and conditions differ in their prevalence between the sexes. For instance, rates of Alzheimer’s disease are higher in females than males, prompting a recent call for the prioritization of biomedical research… Read More

Adaptability is one of the key cognitive abilities that defined us as humans. Even as babies, we can intuitively shift between similar tasks even if we don’t have prior training on them. This contrasts with the traditional train-and-test approach of most artificial intelligence(AI) systems which require an agent to go through massive amounts of training… Read More

The New York Timesreported this evening that Apple entered into a partnership with Volkswagen Group to pair a number of electric T6 Transporter vanswith Apple’s proprietary autonomous vehicle software. The vans will reportedly be used to shuttle employees around Apple’s company campus, and it’s not clear whether the deal will extend from there. TheTimes says… Read More

Cancer has been a late bloomer in the microbiome revolution that has surged through biomedicine. Over the past few decades, scientists have linked the gut’s composition of microbes to dozens of seemingly unrelated conditions — from depression to obesity. Cancer has some provocative connections as well: inflammation is a contributing factor to some tumours and… Read More