Sapienz: Intelligent Automated Software Testing at Scale

Sapienz: Intelligent automated software testing at scale

Shipping code updates to the Facebook app, which is used every day by hundreds of millions of people, requires extensive testing to ensure stability and performance. At Facebook’s scale, this process requires checking hundreds of important interactions across numerous types of devices and operating systems for both correctness and speed. Traditionally, this has largely been a manual test design process, during which engineers devote time and resources to designing test cases.

But at Facebook, we have developed an intelligent software testing tool called Sapienz to efficiently and effectively design many of the test cases we need. There are undoubtedly still test cases best designed by human engineers, because of their superior domain knowledge compared with a machine’s. But our work with Sapienz shows it is possible to automate much of the tedious, time-consuming process and accelerate the deployment of new features.