Kubernetes Containerd Integration Goes GA

Kubernetes Containerd Integration Goes GA

Containerd 1.1 works with Kubernetes 1.10 and above, and supports all Kubernetes features. The test coverage of containerd integration on Google Cloud Platform in Kubernetes test infrastructure is now equivalent to the Docker integration (See: test dashboard). We’re very glad to see containerd rapidly grow to this big milestone.

Alibaba Cloud started to use containerd actively since its first day, and thanks to the simplicity and robustness emphasise, make it a perfect container engine running in our Serverless Kubernetes product, which has high qualification on performance and stability. No doubt, containerd will be a core engine of container era, and continue to driving innovation forward. In containerd 1.1, the cri-containerd daemon is now refactored to be a containerd CRI plugin.

The CRI plugin is built into containerd 1.1, and enabled by default. Unlike cri-containerd, the CRI plugin interacts with containerd through direct function calls. This new architecture makes the integration more stable and efficient, and eliminates another grpc hop in the stack.

Users can now use Kubernetes with containerd 1.1 directly. The cri-containerd daemon is no longer needed. As shown in the figures below, compared to Docker 18.03 CE integration with dockershim, the containerd 1.1 integration has 30.89% lower kubelet cpu usage, 68.13% lower container runtime cpu usage, 11.30% lower kubelet resident set size (RSS) memory usage, 12.78% lower container runtime RSS memory usage.

Source: kubernetes.io