Microsoft Is Now Worth More Than Alphabet

Microsoft is now worth more than Alphabet

Well done, Clippy: Microsoft has passed Google in market valuation for the first time in three years,CNBC reports. Microsoft is now valued at $753 billion, while Alphabet (Google’s parent company) is valued at $739 billion. While Amazon and Apple still top this particular list, Microsoft now rounds out the top three and gosh it just feels so good when rich people become richer.

Google’s demotion is undoubtedly only temporary. It first supplanted Microsoft back in 2012, and the two have taken turns trailing after Amazon and Apple ever since. Still, this is big news for Microsoft who has shifted focus under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, who took over four years ago.

Microsoft is now less focused on Clippy and more on targeting cross-platform technologies, the cloud, and artificial intelligence. Under Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft’s stock price has more than doubled.