The Titan Underwater Drone Promises to Go Deeper Than Its Rivals

The Titan underwater drone promises to go deeper than its rivals

Think that all drones are destined to be in the sky? Titan is a new underwater drone which can dive to depths of up to 150 meters below the waves. It can document this stunning deep underwater world courtesy of a 4K camera, while maneuvering about with six thrusters.

Here’s how you can get one. The majority of drones are designed for the sky, hence the phrase UAV (read: “unmanned aerial vehicle”) being used as a synonym. However, there are also a growing number of drones created for exploring underwater locations, too.

The latest of these is an underwater drone named Titan, which recently splashed down on Kickstarter with the goal of raising funds to go into production. As Wang makes clear, Titan’s big selling point is the fact that it can go really, really deep underwater. It can then document this undersea world with the aid of a high-end 4K camera, which is capable of capturing both video and still images.

Moving around is accomplished with six thrusters that give Titan a high degree of movement and impressive maneuverability at a speed of up to two meters per second. There are even, handily, a couple of LED spotlight which throw out a combined 3,000 lumens of illumination so that you can see where you’re going.