The Technology Enabling Alibaba to Sell $30.8 Billion in Double 11 Goods

The technology enabling Alibaba to sell $30.8 billion in Double 11 goods

In order for everything to stay up, and its ecosystem relied entirely on Alibaba’s technology portfolio, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the shopping experience for buyers and sellers, as well as pushing Alibaba’s cloud infrastructure to the limit to process a high volume of transactions. Alibaba used an intelligent operating platform, DC Brain, to optimise the performance of the 200-plus global internet datacentres (IDCs) hosting its online stores in areas including energy consumption, temperature, energy efficiency, and reliability. Through machine learning, DC Brain can predict the electric consumption and Power Usage Effectiveness of each IDC in real time, allocating to each to reduce energy consumption.

For this year’s festival, Alibaba also made available its ‘hyper-scale green datacentre’ located in Zhangbei, northern China. Alibaba said that through the facility’s use of wind and liquid immersion cooling, energy consumption was reduced by as much as 59 percent.