Humanizing Customer Complaints Using NLP Algorithms

Humanizing Customer Complaints using NLP Algorithms

Last Christmas, I went through the most frustrating experience as a consumer. I was doing some last minute holiday shopping and after standing in a long line, I finally reached the blessed register only to find out that my debit card was blocked. I could sense the old lady at the register judging me with her narrowed eyes.

Feeling thoroughly embarrassed, I called my bank right away. To my horror, they told me that my savings account was hacked and thousands of dollars were already gone! Once the initial shock subsided down, I decided to resolve the issue right away.

I had to call another number, prove my identity and file a formal complaint with little hopes of getting my money back. After spending an hour on phone, I slammed it down. I was so angry!

Five minutes later, I saw a text from my bank asking, ‘Are you happy banking with us?’ My first reaction was a few choice words followed by some more frustration and disbelief. Amidst this multitude of questions, came a stark realization.

I realized that as a Data Science professional, I was doing the exact same thing. In my organization, we were treating our own customer complaints with the same indifference. Just another data point; just another drop in the ocean.

So how was I any different?