Knative: Bringing Serverless to Kubernetes Everywhere

Knative: bringing serverless to Kubernetes everywhere

Knative, the open-source framework that provides serverless building blocks for Kubernetes, is on a roll, and GKE serverless add-on, the first commercial Knative offering that we announced this summer, is enjoying strong uptake with our customers. Today, we are announcing that we’ve updated GKE serverless add-on to support Knative 0.2. In addition, today at KubeCon, RedHat, IBM, and SAP announced their own commercial offerings based on Knative.

We are excited for this growing ecosystem of products based on Knative. Knative allows developers to easily leverage the power of Kubernetes, the de-facto cross-cloud container orchestrator. Although Kubernetes provides a rich toolkit for empowering the application operator, it offers less built-in convenience for application developers.

Knative solves this by integrating automated container build, fast serving, autoscaling and eventing capabilities on top of Kubernetes so you get the benefits of serverless, all on the extensible Kubernetes platform. In addition, Knative applications are fully portable, enabling hybrid applications that can run both on-prem and in the public cloud. Knative plus Kubernetes together form a general purpose platform with the unique ability to run serveless, stateful, batch, and machine learning (ML) workloads alongside one another.

That means developers can use existing Kubernetes capabilities for monitoring, logging, authentication, identity, security and more, across all their modern applications. This consistency saves time and effort, reduces errors and fragmentation and improves your time to market. As a user you get the ease of use of Knative where you want it, with the power of Kubernetes when you need it.