Announcing GitLab Serverless

Announcing GitLab Serverless

Serverless is the latest innovation in cloud computing that promises to alter the cost-benefit equation for enterprises. As our CEO, Sid Sijbrandij says, ‘All roads lead to compute.’ There is a race among providers to acquire as many workloads from enterprises as possible, at the cheapest cost.

The latter is where serverless comes in: serverless computing is an execution model in which the cloud provider acts as the server, dynamically managing the allocation of machine resources. Pricing is based on the actual resources consumed by an application, rather than on pre-purchased units of capacity. This field began with the release of AWS Lambda in November 2014.

In the four short years since then, it has become a well-known workflow that enterprises are eager to adopt. Today, we are announcing GitLab Serverless to enable our users to take advantage of the benefits of serverless. GitLab is the only single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle.

As part of that vision, we will release GitLab Serverless in GitLab 11.6, coming later this month, to allow enterprises to plan, build, and manage serverless workloads with the rest of their code from within the same GitLab UI. It leverages Knative, which enables autoscaling down to zero and backup to run serverless workloads on Kubernetes. This allows businesses to employ a multi-cloud strategy and leverage the value of serverless without being locked into a specific cloud provider.