AWS Outperforms GCP in the 2018 Cloud Report

Customers rely on us to help navigate the complexities of the increasingly competitive cloud wars. This inspired the 2018 Cloud Computing Report, where we benchmark performance, latency, CPU, network, I/O, and cost of AWS and GCP. Note: As of December 20, 2018, we have updated two sections in this report: Network Throughput and I/O Experiment. The updates do not change the relative performance of either cloud — however, it does narrow the gap. We are committed to building a cloud neutral product, and we run test clusters on all three leading US cloud providers. As we were testing features for our 2.1 release, we noticed something interesting: AWS offered 40% greater throughput than GCP. We were curious as to why AWS offered such a stark difference in throughput, and set out to test the performance of GCP and AWS in more detail. Ultimately, we compared the two platforms on TPC-C performance (e.g., throughput and latency), CPU, network, I/O, and cost. This inspired what has become the 2018 Cloud Report.

Source: cockroachlabs

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