PostgreSQL Across Clouds and On-Premises

PostgreSQL across clouds and on-premises

PostgreSQL is a very popular open source relational database. It’s been in active development for over 30 years and has achieved a very high level of reliability and performance, as well as a very robust feature set.

If your applications make use of PostgreSQL, you’ll now be able to use Crossplane to deploy both your application and its PostgreSQL database to many of the major cloud providers as well on on-premises. We’ll get more into how you can start using this new support, but let’s first explore a bit of background information on these resources will be provisioned.

Dynamic provisioning is a very useful feature that was first introduced for storage volumes in Kubernetes 1.6. Essentially, this concept allows a resource to be created on-demand at deployment time when it is actually needed by a consuming application.

The environment specific details and policies of how the resource is provisioned and configured are specified by the administrator in a ‘blueprint’, which frees the application developer from having to worry about any of these details. The application simply needs to express its general need for the resource and at deployment time the resource will be created on-demand in the correct cloud provider or even on-premises.

This makes applications much more portable as they can now be written a single way and be able to run in many environments.