Enterprise Grade CI/CD With GitOps

Enterprise grade CI/CD with GitOps

Implementing Continuous Delivery[1] at enterprise scale is a major challenge. As every company has to innovate their software delivery methods, we need to allow individual teams to learn and improve their own delivery pipeline. This is especially true in the Cloud Native world, where many best practices are still emerging.

However, giving teams flexibility to experiment needs to be balanced with security and compliance requirements. In this post, I will explore how we successfully employed the GitOps architecture pattern to find a good balance between flexibility and security at a large enterprise customer of Container Solutions. This article focuses on enterprise companies with tens or hundreds of development teams.

I will also assume Kubernetes as the application runtime platform. While the principles outlined here can be applied in other platforms, Kubernetes really shines in making Continuous Delivery easier to implement, and this simplification helps with making the article more focused. Finally, this will be a technical article, but not a very deep one.

I will explain the solution on the level of boxes and arrows, and maybe follow up with a more detailed technical description later.

Source: container-solutions.com