Write Operators for Databases in Kubernetes With KubeDB

Write operators for databases in Kubernetes with KubeDB

Running production quality databases in Kubernetes can be quite a hassle. But KubeDB promises to solve all your problems. Let’s have a quick look at this framework.

You can count on KubeDB to solve your problems when running production quality databases in Kubernetes. KubeDB is a framework for writing operators for any database that support certain requirements. Namely: Create a database declaratively using CRD.

Take one-off backups or period backups to various cloud stores, eg,S3, GCS, etc. Restore from backup or clone any database. Native integration with Prometheus for monitoring viaCoreOS Prometheus Operator.

Apply deletion lock to avoid accidental deletion of database. Keep track of deleted databases, cleanup prior snapshots with a single command. Use cli to manage databases like kubectl for Kubernetes.

Source: jaxenter.com