Ambassador and the Cloud Native Ecosystem—Part 1: Monitoring

Ambassador and the Cloud Native Ecosystem—Part 1: Monitoring

In a Cloud Native world, microservices are running with ephemeral containers that are regularly deployed to multiple availability zones, regions, and even multiple clouds. As these cloud native applications become more complex, our supporting solutions like monitoring, have also had to become more complex. Today, more traditional monitoring responsibilities are being automated, and monitoring has become less human centric.

In the first part of this series, we’ve summarized some of the most popular monitoring solutions with Ambassador. Prometheus can be used for real-time monitoring of Ambassador instances. We’re fans of the Prometheus Operator, which automatically creates and manages Prometheus monitoring instances.

Check out our tutorial on using the Prometheus Operator with Ambassador here: Grafana enables you to view your time series analytics through dashboards. Alex Gervais, an Ambassador community member, maintains a Grafana dashboard for Ambassador. Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring system.

We’ve added a native Datadog integration that allows you to easily export Ambassador stats into the Datadog monitoring system.