Blog: KubeEdge, a Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework

Blog: KubeEdge, a Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework

KubeEdge becomes the first Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Platform with both Edge and Cloud components open sourced! Open source edge computing is going through its most dynamic phase of development in the industry. So many open source platforms, so many consolidations and so many initiatives for standardization!

This shows the strong drive to build better platforms to bring cloud computing to the edges to meet ever increasing demand. KubeEdge, which was announced last year, now brings great news for cloud native computing! It provides a complete edge computing solution based on Kubernetes with separate cloud and edge core modules.

Currently, both the cloud and edge modules are open sourced. Unlike certain light weight kubernetes platforms available around, KubeEdge is made to build edge computing solutions extending the cloud. The control plane resides in cloud, though scalable and extendable.

At the same time, the edge can work in offline mode. Also it is lightweight and containerized, and can support heterogeneous hardware at the edge. With the optimization in edge resource utlization, KubeEdge positions to save significant setup and operation cost for edge solutions.

This makes it the most compelling edge computing platform in the world currently, based on Kubernetes! The key goal for KubeEdge is extending Kubernetes ecosystem from cloud to edge. From the time it was announced to the public at KubeCon in Shanghai in November 2018, the architecture direction for KubeEdge was aligned to Kubernetes, as its name!