What’s New in Kubernetes 1.14?

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.14?

What’s new for Kubernetes 1.14. A preview of the enhancements and new features that Kubernetes 1.14 will contain when released on March 25 2019. A colossal effort spanning almost 3 years, SIG-Windows is promoting the support of Windows Containers to stable.

With the introduction of Windows nodes, developers will be able to schedule Windows Server containers and run Windows-based applications on Kubernetes. There is a complete document detailing the features that are “working today”, “going to get included in the roadmap after GA”, or “never going to work on a Windows node”, going over all this will be far too extensive for this post, but you can keep reading here! A huge page is a memory page that is larger than 4Ki.

On x86_64 architectures, there are two common huge page sizes: 2Mi and 1Gi. Some applications can benefit from the use of HugePages, for example database management systems like MySQL or MongoDB.

Source: sysdig.com