AWS App Mesh

AWS App Mesh

AWS recently released a new service App Mesh during the 2019 summit which has generated a lot of interest from developers world-wide. This service is a great example of how Amazon is highly customer-focused in delivery of products/features to the market. Besides that, there is no additional charge for using the service!:-)

With the advent of cloud, the importance of microservices has increased tremendously. In microservices architecture, large monolithic code-bases/architectures are broken down into smaller, more independent modules. Responsible for highly defined and discrete tasks, these individual modules communicate with each other using APIs.

To name a few, the most significant benefits of a microservice architecture are as follows: Software built as microservices can be broken down into multiple component services, so that each of these services can be deployed and then redeployed independently without compromising the integrity of an application. Better fault isolation; if one microservice fails, the others will continue to work. Code for different services can be written in different languages, and maintained in different repositories.

Better, and more contained CI-CD flows; each service can be built and deployed in its own separate pipeline, without affecting others. Increase the autonomy of individual development teams within an organization, as each service can be architected and managed in isolation. This leads to faster delivery, as the effort in co-ordination is reduced significantly.