HashiCorp Consul Supports Microsoft’s New Service Mesh Interface

HashiCorp Consul supports Microsoft’s new Service Mesh Interface

Today at KubeCon EU in Barcelona, Microsoft introduced a new specification, the Service Mesh Interface (SMI), for implementing service mesh providers into Kubernetes environments. The Service Mesh Interface (SMI) is a specification for service meshes that run on Kubernetes. It defines a common standard that can be implemented by a variety of providers.

This allows for both standardization for end-users and innovation by service mesh providers. SMI enables flexibility and interoperability. We partnered with Microsoft to support the creation of this controller and this blog will explain how it can be used to set HashiCorp Consul Connect intentions within Kubernetes clusters.

Microsoft’s Service Mesh Interface is a series of Kubernetes controllers for implementing various service mesh capabilities. At launch, SMI will support four primary functions:

Source: hashicorp.com