Introducing Argo Rollouts

Introducing Argo Rollouts

Less than a year ago, we started building Argo CD, a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. The project has been growing in popularity, with many developers and DevOps engineers adopting it. A huge thanks to our awesome community of contributors and users!

Today, we are excited to announce Argo Rollouts a new, Kubernetes-native, open source project brought to you by the Argo community and Intuit to provide missing deployment strategies like Blue/Green and Canary in a Kubernetes native and GitOps friendly manner. Argo Rollouts augments the functionality of the Kubernetes Deployment resource with additional deployment strategies. Argo Rollouts fills the need for the missing industry standard deployment strategies like Canary and Blue Green in Kubernetes.

If a user wanted to use these strategies previously, they would have to orchestrate the deployment strategies themselves. Users were forced to craft fragile Jenkins scripts and overly repetitive Kubernetes manifests. Using the learnings from those attempts, the Argoproj team tried to offer Pre-Sync, Sync, and Post-Sync hooks in Argo CD as a potential solution.

However, we found that solution falls short of the ideal user experience we wanted to provide. It did not provide the visibility we would like to have during a deployment and still put the onus on the user to orchestrate the deployments.