Argo CD V1.0 Released

Argo CD v1.0 Released

We’ve just released Argo CD v1.0, which contains several big new features, nearly 30 enhancements, and bug fixes. This release also introduces API stability and a Custom Resource Definition for the application spec. Special thanks to the following contributors (amongst others) for their work on v1.0: Alexander Matyushentsev, Alex Collins, Simon Behar, Paul Brit, Danny Thomson, Jesse Suen, tom-256, Omer Kahani, Sahil Ahuja, and jpresky.

The most visible changes in v1.0 are in the UI. There’s a brand new network view to help users better understand the flow of data between ingress, services, and pods. We also introduce resource actions, which allows you to write Lua scripts that allow easy and safe changes to your resources.

Finally, a number of UI and usability enhancement now brings a lot more useful information front and center to make it easier to diagnose degraded applications and failed syncs. This new network view sheds light on the network set-up of your application by showing the connections between Ingresses, Services, and Pods. This helps you understand your application’s traffic and troubleshoot connectivity issues.