Better Apps With React Server-Side Rendering

Better Apps with React Server-Side Rendering

Imagine you’re a web developer. You have to create an app that leverages five different data sources. The project has 26 different views built in – and don’t forget to make it fast, easy to test, and reliable.

I work on creating the tools that make this kind of app as easy as possible for developers to build and manage. My name is Matthew Drake and I’m a member of the Riot Data team – we make enterprise-style data tools for Rioters. I work specifically on web technology which means I work on tech for creating websites.

My team’s big product is our internal search. It’s the main way Rioters get at the troves of useful internal data – this includes everything from the daily lunch menu to the products that teams are working on. We have a ton of data and it comes from a lot of different places.

In order to process this data properly to create a solution that works for our customers, we need to architect our front-end apps in a way that scales well with the huge amount of features we write for all the different kinds of data that fit into that app. Also, we like when our apps are really fast. A principle value for us while building out the new Search solution was responsiveness – we wanted to resolve frustrations around previous Search apps feeling too slow.