Chaos Engineering Kubernetes With the Litmus Framework

Chaos Engineering Kubernetes with the Litmus Framework

Litmus is an open source chaos engineering framework for Kubernetes environments running stateful applications. Created by MayaData, Litmus enables users to run test suites, capture logs, generate rep The book Mastering Collaboration by Gretchen Anderson provides techniques and exercises that can be used to improve collaboration in teams and between teams and their environment.

It explores topics like enlisting people, teamworking, trust, and respect, generating ideas collectively, decision making, and transparent communication. Sustainable Operations in Complex Systems with Production Excellence Successful long-term approaches to production ownership and DevOps require cultural change in the form of production excellence.

Teams are more sustainable if they have well-defined measurements of reliability, the capability to debug new problems, a culture that fosters spreading knowledge, and a proactive approach to mitigating risk.