GitLab 12.0 Released With Visual Reviews and Dependency List

GitLab 12.0 released with Visual Reviews and Dependency List

GitLab 12.0 marks a key step in our journey to create an inclusive approach to DevSecOps, empowering ‘everyone to contribute’. For the past year, we’ve been on an amazing journey, collaborating and creating a solution that brings teams together. There have been thousands of community contributions making GitLab more lovable.

We believe everyone can contribute, and weâve enabled cross-team collaboration, faster delivery of great code, and bringing together Dev, Ops, and Security. GitLab review applications are a fantastic tool to enable stakeholders from Operations to QA to business owners to evaluate and approve application changes before production. In GitLab 12.0, we make it easy to provide visual feedback directly from the review app.

Itâs simple and streamlined, no toggling between different tabs and typing your feedback, helping to shorten review cycles and accelerate delivery. Projects typically include dozens of individual components, which can introduce vulnerabilities. Often, security and compliance teams need to be aware of the specific components included in a project.

Now, we’re making making it easy to view a project’s dependencies in a single source of truth. Some organizations want to limit access to their repositories based on specific IP addresses. In GitLab 12.0, you can specifically prohibit traffic from outside IP addresses from accessing your GitLab data.