Name Resolution Issue in CoreDNS: Inside the Mind of a Problem Solver

Name Resolution Issue In CoreDNS: Inside The Mind Of A Problem Solver

CoreDNS 1.5.1 is released,which includes a fixfor an interestingname resolution issuein the Autopath plugin found byAndras Spitzer(AAA Minds) – aka Sendai – a Sr. Site Reliability Engineer atCurvewith 20 years experience engineering, building and automating wildly diversesystems at world class corporate and startup settings alike.

HereSendaitakes us step by step through his investigation. If you’re using CoreDNS in Kubernetes with cache and autopath plugins enabled, please upgrade as all versions prior 1.5.1 are affected. It feels great to contribute to the Open Source community, also want to thank the CoreDNS team who were extremely helpful and responsive during the PR.

The most well-known symptom we experienced about this issue was related to curl and Twilio, with the following error message: This originally hit us as an exception in clientapi, the Twilio SDK failed to connect to