YuniKorn: A Universal Resource Scheduler

YuniKorn: a universal resource scheduler

We are super excited today to announce the open-sourcing of one of the exciting new projects we’ve been working behind the scenes at the intersection of big-data and computation platforms – YuniKorn! Yunikorn is a new standalone universal resource-scheduler responsible for allocating/managing resources for big-data workloads including batch jobs and long-running services. YuniKorn is a light-weight, universal resource scheduler for container orchestrator systems.

It is created to achieve fine-grained resource sharing for various workloads efficiently on large scale, multi-tenant environments on one hand and dynamically brought up cloud-native environment on the other. YuniKorn brings a unified, cross-platform scheduling experience for mixed workloads consists of stateless batch workloads and stateful services, with support for, but not limited to, YARN and Kubernetes. YuniKorn [‘ju:nikɔ:n] is a made-up word, “Y” for YARN, “K” for K8s, “Uni” for Unified, and its pronunciation is the same as “Unicorn”.

It is created to initially support these two systems, but the ultimate purpose is to create a unified scheduler that can support any container orchestrator systems.