A Quick Guide to GitLab CI/CD Pipelines

A quick guide to GitLab CI/CD pipelines

Automation is essential for successful DevOps teams, and CI/CD pipelines are a big part of that journey. At its most basic level, a pipeline gets code from point A to point B. What makes a better pipeline is how quickly and efficiently it accomplishes this task. A CI/CD pipeline automates steps in the SDLC like builds, tests, and deployments.

When a team takes advantage of automated pipelines, they simplify the handoff process and decrease the chance of human error, creating faster iterations and better quality code. Everyone can see where code is in the process and identify problems long before they make it to production. In GitLab 9.3 we made it possible to display links for upstream and downstream projects directly on the pipeline graph, so developers can check the overall status of the entire chain in a single view.

Pipelines continue to evolve, and in our CI/CD product vision weâre looking into making pipelines even more cohesive by implementing Multiple Pipelines in a single .gitlab-ci.yml in the future.

Source: gitlab.com