Announcing TraefikEE V1.1

Announcing TraefikEE v1.1

It’s been two months since the general availability of the 1.0 version of Traefik Enterprise Edition. Encouraged by its successful launch, and propelled by the immense feedback we received from customers, the team started to work on 1.1 right away. Traefik Enterprise Edition is a new platform built on top of Traefik, the popular open-source cloud-native edge router, designed for business-critical deployments.

It adds clustering features to satisfy the needs of enterprise customers. See it in action in the video demonstration! So, let’s see what’s new in this 1.1 for TraefikEE and traefikeectl, its control tool!

Designed for users that already leverage Let’s Encrypt and its automatic certificate management, TraefikEE 1.1 allows you to seamlessly import your certificates right into the cluster. In the process, it is now possible to manage ACME accounts within your TraefikEE cluster using the traefikee and traefikeectl binaries: ask TraefikEE to create ACME accounts, or to import your existing accounts.