Announcing the Ambassador Developer Portal With Swagger and OpenAPI Support

Announcing the Ambassador Developer Portal with Swagger and OpenAPI support

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the beta of Ambassador Developer Portal. The Developer Portal gives your developers a central self-service hub for your APIs. With the Developer Portal, developers are able to onboard and start using your APIs right away.

The Developer Portal beta includes the following features: To publish API documentation to the Developer Portal, update your service to pubish a Swagger or OpenAPI specification at .ambassador-internal/openapi-docs/. Then, publish your service to Kubernetes and register the service with an Ambassador Mapping. The Developer Portal will automatically detect the new service, and download the Swagger / OAPI specification from the internal URL. Both the content and look-and-feel of the Developer Portal are fully customizable.

The default content and templates are in the repository. By pointing the Developer Portal to your own version of this repository, you can edit the content and layout as needed for your organization.